Amazon Alexa For Hospitality

Amazon Alexa For Hospitality

Alexa changing the face of hospitality

A lot have things have changed in the last few years, in hospitality how hoteliers approached interacting with travellers became a focal point for the industry. In very rare instances contactless became king with off-site concierges guiding people to their rooms and online check in available it really became a time of the future.

Now that we’re slowly getting back to normal some of the changes implemented by hospitality such as Amazon Alexa have proven beneficial. In a report conducted by Oracle and Skift it was discovered that “Travelers and executives alike indicated that technology will be an important key to unlocking a more hospitable experience for many guests.”

One of the key additions that have been made to our repertoire was the installation of Alexa for Hospitality in all of our hotel rooms. Results from a survey from the report showed that “Nearly 30 percent of travellers said that they are “very interested” in staying at a hotel that uses automated messaging for most customer service requests, qualified by the idea that it’s much easier to find help through text and chat than tracking down a person who can assist.” With Alexa you can go one step further and simply use a selection of voice commands based on your request to get you what you want quickly and efficiently.

A key concern for some people may be that technology would mean a loss of human interaction all together and therefore a loss of the ‘personal touch’, however if utilised correctly voice activated services like Alexa by Amazon, in fact could mean the opposite with staff being more readily available for anything at any time. Having Alexa technology in our rooms means that guest requests can be redirected to the correct department and be dealt with swiftly, meaning the guests have a better overall experience.

In all of our rooms you will be able to find a “how to use” guide for the Alexa giving clear instructions on how to use all the specific features attached to give you a seamless and enjoyable experience when staying at Mercure London Hyde Park.

If you’d like to experience what the future holds then have a look at our website to book your room now, with a lovely selection of rooms to choose from and customisable amenities to suit you we can’t wait to welcome you to our luxurious 4* hotel in Hyde Park.

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