Bank Holiday Weekend in London

Bank Holiday Weekend in London

Hooray! The first bank holiday weekend of the year is almost here – this year's Easter break falls on Friday 14 – Monday April 17, which means four whole days off. 

Not only is Easter a great excuse to binge on chocolate, it also marks the first bank holiday weekend of the year. Make the most of all that blissful freedom by enjoying everything that the city has to offer.

Whatever your plans for the bank holiday weekend, we’ve covered all the best events, activities, club nights, food, drink and pretty much everything you could need to have your own four-day festival in London. Enjoy!

Museum of Zoology 

Elephant skulls, jars of moles, shark vertebrae and bisected heads are among the gruesome exhibits on display. For added shivers, head to one of their evening events, like their regular ‘Dead Life Drawing’ sessions (£8), where you can improve your drawing skills by sketching something stuffed or pickled.

Brunel Museum

The Brunel Museum, on the Rotherhithe side of the river, you can delve into the story behind this spectacular feat of Victorian engineering. Sadly the tunnel is now used, ironically, for the Overground. But guided tours will still take you into the humongous entrance chamber, and every once in a while it plays host to gigs and screenings.

Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

First a resource for medical students, this institute turned into a public museum in the 1930s. Its staggering collection of over 45,000 objects tells the long story of pharmacy and medicine, from leeches and mummified hands to the discovery of penicillin.

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