Walking Tour Hyde Park

Walking Tour Hyde Park

Hyde Park sits right on our doorstep, in all its 350-acre stunning splendour. There are some hidden treasures to discover in London’s largest Royal Park, however, so why not take part in a Royal Parks walking tour? Covering around 1.5 miles, and lasting no longer than 2 hours, these informative tours are a wonderful chance to experience the park at a whole new depth.

Our autumn favourite is ‘Autumn Trees in Colour’, on Saturday 5th October. As the season starts to change, Hyde Park is arguably at its most stunning with a rich, blazing colour from its blend of native and exotic trees. Tree expert Greg Packman leads this walk, taking you through foliage of stunning yellows and russets, and explaining how and why trees transform the way they do.

If you’re more interested in Hyde Park’s history, why not try ‘Hidden Stories of Hyde Park’ on Saturday 11th October? This informative tour takes you through Hyde Park across the decades: discover the notorious criminals that met a nasty end at Tyburn Tree; learn about the creation of Speakers’ Corner; and hear about the park’s crucial role during the First World War. You’ll see where J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan had his first adventure, as well as visiting the first public Pet Cemetery in Britain, the Victoria Pet Cemetery, which is now home to over 1,000 departed, much-loved pets.

With Hyde Park located right on our doorstep, these tours offer an ideal opportunity to explore the park in a wonderful new way; and, at just £10 at tour, they are the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

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