London Zoo And Shops Reopening

London Zoo And Shops Reopening

Finally, the UK is coming back to life!  12 weeks since the UK lockdown started, a sense of normality is coming back with shops in London opening and London Zoo reopening.

Many people are wondering which shops are opening on 15th June and which zoos are opening 15th June. In addition to London shops opening on 15th June, zoos will also be opening, including ZSL London Zoo which until now was only accessible via ZSL London Zoo webcam or London Zoo live cam.

Our 4-star hotels open in London are perfectly situated in the West End of London.  Close to the exclusive London shopping district including the likes of Harrods and Selfridges, our Central London hotels are your perfect London base for visiting shops in London.

ZSL London Zoo is situated in Regents Park which is less than one mile from our Paddington hotels in London.  Now is the perfect time to come to London to see the sights without the crowds, catch some shopping bargains and visit the ZSL London Zoo reopening.

‘What shops are open in London?’ you may ask.  Well, all London shops are now authorised to open as per the government instructions. Which shops are opening on 15th June? All London shops are planning to open on or around the 15th June as they are desperate to welcome their customers back.

ZSL London Zoo reopening is a great excuse to come to London.  Many of the animals in London Zoo have been very lonely over the past 12 weeks and cannot wait to see the public again.  When asking which zoos are opening 15th June, the only zoo that matters is ZSL London Zoo as it is one of the oldest and most famous zoos in the world.  Unbelievably, ZSL London Zoo first opened in 1828!

Shops in London have been closed for so long now that they will be eager to start selling again.  No doubt shops in London will be opening with some great deals so make sure you catch the sales before it is too late.

ZSL London Zoo tickets can be bought online on the ZSL London Zoo website or they can be bought on arrival at the gate of ZSL London Zoo.  The best way to get a good deal on ZSL London Zoo tickets is to book them in advance.

Until now, the only way you could see all the animals at ZSL London Zoo was via the ZSL London Zoo live cam.  The ZSL London Zoo webcam allows you to see animals when they do not think anyone is looking but the best way by far to see the animals is in person so make sure you get your ZSL London Zoo tickets today!

Book our 4-star London hotels and come to see what shops are open in London. London shops opening on 15th June are ready to welcome you and a trip to ZSL London Zoo would be a great activity to give you a break from London shopping.

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