2023 February Events in London

2023 February Events in London

Our top three things to do in London in February

If you feel like us, you can hardly believe that January has already come to an end, and New Year’s Eve seems like a distant memory that kind of happened yesterday. February can feel like a fallow month due to its length, it’s coming towards the end of winter and the days of the sun setting at 3.59pm. With spring on the horizon and the possibility of not having to wear thermal underwear in the house you may feel like you’re just waiting for it to end. If this sounds like you then we have some good news, February is actually a very active month with loads going on.

In the blog below we write up a brief synopsis of top 2023 February events in London, that we think will help anyone shake off the winter blues and prepare for spring time.

Kew Orchid Festival

Kew Gardens is a staple of London agricultural excellence, finesse and wonder. This year The Princess of Wales Conservatory is receiving a makeover this is designed to make viewers speechless. The Cameroonian decorations will depict the varied landscapes, the native wildlife and more of the glorious flora and fauna of the country. ‘Native animals’ that have been sculpted from plants and mimicked throughout the horticultural displays. The Kew Orchid Festival is also offering exclusive after-hours events that include live music, food and drinks so keep an eye out for those offerings.

‘The Lehman Trilogy’

The smash-hit ‘The Lehman Trilogy’ returns for what promises to be a spectacular fifth year to London’s West End after a tremendously successful run on Broadway last year and its initial runs in London in 2018 & 2019. The show remains as it was before, as a three-actor play, but the show has been completely recast to depict the Lehman brothers and the businesses forged that would go on to carry on their legacy for over one-hundred and fifty years. The play shows some insight on American history and allows the viewers to see the country’s present, unstable state.

London Fashion Week

If you’re any type of fashionista then you don’t need us telling you this, but for those who may not be aware, London Fashion Week takes place between Friday 17th - Tuesday 21st February 2023. Fashion editors travel from all over the globe to attend one of the most prestigious events in the annual fashion calendar. Showcasing the freshest emerging talent and the finest established names in the world are all in attendance in some capacity whether they’re attending a show, party or event or in some instances they’ll have a jam-packed schedule of all three.

The majority of these February events in London are by invitation only, however, keep your eyes peeled for a multitude of spin-off events, after-parties and sales taking place throughout London over the course of the five day period.

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