World Pasta Day 2022

World Pasta Day 2022

Celebrate World Pasta Day at Bella Italia Paddington

If you didn’t know that World Pasta Day is a thing then let us introduce you to one of our favourite days of the year.

In October 1995 whilst the 25th Annual World Pasta Congress was taking place the idea for creating a ‘World Pasta Day’ was conceived. Pasta aficionados from all over the world had gathered to discuss the versatility of the noodle, it became apparent amongst the committee that spreading the knowledge of the globe’s panorama of pasta was of great importance.

Since then World Pasta Day has gone on to gain traction monumentally and is celebrated annually on 25th October, the day is used by The World Pasta Congress to engage consumers to discover new pasta and promote the incredibly popular and versatile food.

When it comes to celebrating #WorldPastaDay it really couldn’t be easier and the main way in which to celebrate, and our personal favourite, is by eating pasta – and plenty of it. How you season your pasta will ultimately decide what type of meal you will be having, the majority of people don’t enjoy indulging in pasta without some type of sauce; however the variety of options for how to season a dish can range from simple to complex.

If you’re someone who would love to celebrate World Pasta Day but don’t know where to begin we can help you with that, our on-site Bella Italia has a variety of pasta dishes of which you can look through here. When it comes to pasta there’s no better way to renew a deep appreciation for it than by wolfing down this healthy and semi-nutritious food.

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